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Welcome to Canny Brew

We all have our BLONDE moments. For many people it’s thinking that the North East beer scene is only BROWN ALE. It’s ok. We’re not BITTER. We forgive you. But you should dispel that OLD notion  by reading CannyBrew.com. The North East is a hive of award winning brewing, great pubs and the passionate people that make them a success. Getting that wrong is just beyond the PALE. So we’re going to tell the world about it.


That’s something we can all drink to. Bottoms up.

Latest News
What Is Beer?

Unsurprisingly most of a pint of beer is made up of water - but where your water comes from and the minerals it contains can play a major part in your finished beer.


As grapes are to wine, so malted barley (most usually) is to beer. The grain is full of stored up sugars, and through the mashing process in brewing, they can be broken down into more simple molecules than can be more easily fermented into alcohol.


The source of beer's distinctive bitterness, and a host of other flavours, the climbing plants that are hops come in a raft different varieties, and are added in relatively small quantities during the boil.


The key to fermentation, yeast is a microscopic organism that eats sugar and gives off alcohol and carbon dioxide as a result. Yeasts can also play a big role in the flavours of a beer.